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Who Were The Essenes?

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As you are visiting our web site I am sure you will have heard of the Essenes but perhaps you are seeking more understanding of their life style and teachings. The information on this page is simply intended to give you a brief overview of these people and some idea of how their philosophies, teachings and way of life can be of help to us in our modern world. 

Who Were the Essenes?

Two thousand years ago a remarkable group of people lived in and around the Palestine area on the shores of the Dead Sea. They were known as Essenes and their knowledge, wisdom and way of life is just as applicable today as it was then. They understood the forces and powers of nature and of the cosmos and how these energies have an effect on all life upon earth, even if we are unaware of their presence. They therefore structured their lives around these energies which they referred to as “Angels”. The earthly forces they called the “Angels” of the Earthly Mother and the cosmic forces they called the “Angels” of the Heavenly Father. Their basic understanding was that if we humans are to enjoy a full, healthy and long life we need to be in harmony with those powers and energies which are at work in our world and which, therefore have an effect upon us. This understanding led them to a life style far more balanced and in tune with nature than we have today. Furthermore it also resulted in better health and greater strength, endurance and longevity.

They would begin their day with a meditation, which they called communions, with one of the forces [angels] of the Earthly Mother. For example on Wednesday morning they would commune with the angel of sun. This is not to say that they worshiped the sun, for they did not, but they did recognize the awesome power, and human need of this sun energy. They understood that life could not exist without it, yet they also understood its destructive power. Thus they began their day with a meditation [communion] designed to focus their attention on this particular force and to encourage them to harmonize [work with it] throughout their waking hours. Each of the other days of the week also had one of the earthly forces ascribed to it and, just as on Wednesday, they began the day with a focus upon this force and how it interacted with human life. They began each day with these communions because they knew they would be awake, aware and acting in the midst of these forces for the whole of their waking day. They therefore felt that it was of great importance that they should attempt to be in harmony with them as much as possible.

At night time, just before going to sleep, they would hold communion with one of the angels of the Heavenly Father, according to which day it was. Their understanding was that whatever we hold in our minds as we fall asleep would affect our sleep hours and the work we undertake, on the higher planes of being, during this period. Thus, for example, if we hold the communion with the angel of Peace [Monday evening] in our minds, we are likely to work and learn of the ways of peace and how we can interact with them. To learn this is to help not only ourselves in the outer world but also to allow the energies of peace to work through us at all times. To strengthen this within ourselves will result in the energy of peace shining through in all that we do and to everyone with whom we have contact.

The Essenes were vegetarians and had great respect for all of creation, whether animals, plants, trees or the Earth herself. Many members of the Essene community went out as healers and teachers to help others improve their lives. Among them were John the Baptist, John the Beloved and the great Essene Master Jesus. They understood the need for harmony within themselves as well as with nature and therefore lived a sustainable life which did not interfere with or damage their environment. To the Essenes food was a major part of retaining health and was used together with natural medicines and healing methods. As a result of their spiritual values a system of living evolved which is both simple and profound. It is reproducible, even in today’s world, and is in harmony with the existing natural processes of life.